In order to run payroll, every hour needs to be tagged with a specific salary grade code. In 24onoff you can both set up a standard salary grade code for each employee, as well as letting the employees select a specific code, when logging an hour. Payroll systems are dependant on salary grade codes to determine how submitted hours shall be treated when running payroll.

In this article, we will explain in greater detail how you can set up salary grade codes in 24onoff, to make information sharing with your preferred payroll system a breeze.

1. Create Salary Grade Codes:

A salary grade code needs a number and a name. It's crucial that the numbers associated with a specific salary grade code in 24onoff, is the same as it is in your payroll system. This is because these will be matched when you import the hours to your payroll system. 

As an administrator in 24onoff, you get set up with salary grade codes by going to Settings -> and then selecting Payroll. Once loaded, you can create all the different codes your company uses by entering the number of the salary grade code, followed by the name. Save the code by clicking the save icon on the right side.

GREAT! Now you have created your very first salary grade code, ready to be selected by either your employees or yourself. Before we take a look at how it works in action, it's important to asses two settings on this page:

Standard Salary grade code: You can set up your entire account with one standard code, which every entry will be tagged with. For instance, this could be "2 Hourly rate", which is the most frequently used code for your company. When an hour is logged, this code will be set automatically every time, unless another one is selected.

Access: Perhaps you don't want to give your employees the ability to change the salary grade code when they log hours? If you want to be in control of these settings, you can simply check the box under the access settings, with the tagline "only administrators can view and make changes to salary grade codes". That way you, as an administrator, are the only one who can view and make changes to the salary grade codes.

2: Tag entries with a salary grade code:

Once set up with all your different salary grade codes, the next step is to tag the entries with appropriate codes. You do this by logging hours the same way you always have, but now there is an option to select a salary grade code, under your project selection.

Select the appropriate code and press save.

If you have checked the "Salary grade codes" column to be viewed within the list view, you should be able to see the selected code for each entry:

Select standard salary grade code for each employee: Often times your employees have different salary grade codes as standard. If this is the case for your company, you can simply select specific codes for each employee in their respective employee profile. Go to employees and select the ones you would like to make changes to. In the popup, scroll to the bottom and select the standard salary grade code for that employee.

Remember! Once set, this code will override the standard salary grade code set for your account in the Payroll settings. This is usually only beneficial when most of your employees use one code, except for a few that uses another.

Download reports

In order for the report to give you correct information when importing to your payroll system, it's crucial that the employee number is the same in 24onoff and your payroll system. You can change the employee number in the employee profile.

For the time being, 24onoff only supports "Visma Lønn". This integration needs to be turned on, in order to be available for download. To do this, go to Settings -> Integrations and turn on the integration. Read more about Visma Lønn and how you turn on the integration here

Once turned on, the format will be available for download:

This file can be imported to Visma Lønn, and includes employee number, salary grade code and number of hours.


In 24onoff you can register overtime when logging hours. In order for this to work with payroll systems, this needs to be connected in the overtime settings in 24onoff:

Go to Settings -> Overtime and connect an overtime to a salary grade code.
Remember to save!

Every time an employee register overtime, this will be connected to the salary grade code specified in the above mentioned settings.

Overtime is registered within a specific time period in 24onoff, and the system subtract the salary grade code in overtime, from the hours that have not been registered as overtime in that period. This ensures entries not being tagged twice with different salary grade codes, for the same period.

Let's review an example:

From: 07:00

To: 17:00

Overtime 50%: 15:00 – 17:00

Work hours = 08 hours (salary grade code 2 - Standard rate)

Overtime 50% = 02 hours (salary grade code 10 - Overtime 50%)

The employee log one entry, containing both normal hours and overtime. In this case the salary grade code would overlap:

Standard rate: 07:00 - 17:00
Overtime 50%: 15:00 - 17:00

24onoff removes the selected rate from the overtime period automatically, and replace it with the overtime salary rate.

Travel time

You can set up your own travel time under travel time when logging hours:

The travel time logged will then be tagged with the selected salary grade code. Travel time is not subtracted from normal work hours when travel time is logged, as these hours are created as separat hours.

For any questions regarding Salary Grade Codes, feel free to reach out to our support team.

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