With deviation management from 24onoff you can take a picture and register deviations on the go. Updating everyone on the development and necessary changes. You can create a deviation from both web and mobile app. All of the deviation can be viewed by all of the workers that are assigned to the project.

As a Admin you will get a notification from 24onoff when one of your worker has uploaded a deviation, to make sure that you are aware of problems on the project.

1. Select the project you want to create a deviation and the click "Add new deviation"

2.  Upload a photo on your deviation and add the details like tag, name, worker and description. Remember that you can assign a deviation to a Worker as well. Click "Save".

3. You now created the deviation. You can add as many as you want and sort them by creation date, name or filter them on tags

4. Are you on the go? Remember that you can upload a deviation right from the 24onoff app. 

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