Create Absence and Vacation request

  1. Under Absence and Vacation request click the green button top right corner

2. Choose if you want to add Absence or Vacation. 

3. Set from and to date. Then select the worker, type of absence and leave a comment if necessary. A request could look like this.

4. Click "Save". Your request has been sent to an admin (if you are a worker) for approval. You will get notified when the admin has taken action on your request. Remember that you can edit you approval any time before the admin approve or reject your entry. 

Approve Absence and Vacation request

N.B: Can only be done my admin

1. If one of your worker creates a Absence or Vacation request you will get notified in 24onoff. Click on the request you want to approve. 

2. You will then see the list of all available request from your workers. The entries will include the name of the worker, duration, from and to time of the request.

3. You can then choose to approve, delete or edit the request. The worker will get notified by the action you make.

It's that easy to have complete control of your Absence and Vacation for your Workforce.

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